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By Leanne Staples

Curious Frame - Issue #43 - Reflection takes time



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Curious Frame
Curious Frame - Issue #43 - Reflection takes time
By Leanne Staples • Issue #43 • View online
Hello everyone. I am sorry for the delay in publishing this issue of the newsletter. I’m usually early. I was born early! Thanks for being patient.
Curious Frame takes time, reading, research and writing. It’s a busy life at the moment. That’s a good thing. And if you’re going to be in New York City, let me know. The international borders are opening again.
Happy Halloween & Warm wishes to everyone, Leanne

Reader's comments
Curious Frame exists for you the readers. It is fabulous when people are involved in the dialogue and with so many different opinions about what photography means to us. Let the dialogue continue!
All you need to do to join the dialogue is hit reply. You can even reply to earlier issues as well. The comment below is in response to the previous issue Happy Birthday Curious Frame
One reader wrote about the previous issue of Curious Frame
Leanne, Congratulations on Curious frame’s 1st birthday! This is fantastic, 42 issues and I don’t know how many readers, I only know one here in Brazil! That’s what matters least, I just know that I embraced this project of yours and here we are once again corresponding!
How many interesting topics have been covered this past year, making us think about photography instead of photography, and that was great! 
Better, wonderful! 
This journey will always take us to a common point, photography! 
I’m worried about this flurry of photos that happens nowadays, in more than 50 years of shooting, I’ve probably seen a lot more photos in the past year than in 50 years, and wonderful photos by the way! Will my concepts about photography adapt to this new world reality of photography, will they be updated with this speed? 
Will it be that after so many photos that I see I will lose interest in seeing more photos, will I continue to be horny in taking a photo? 
Life, like photography, is a destination and that only tomorrow will we know how it will turn out! 
Hugs, hoping to continue to be interested in photographing and writing about photography tomorrow. 
Thanks so so much to my dear friend in Brazil! Perhaps one day I will make it to Brazil. I am in agreement with your comments on photography and I am happy that you enjoy the newsletter and dialoguing on the various topics that spring up as a result.
Reflection takes time
follow the sun, New York City, 17 October 2021
follow the sun, New York City, 17 October 2021
When I started this newsletter, one year ago, we were in the height of the pandemic. My tours and workshops were at a standstill. I had more time to devote to writing Curious Frame. 
Before it became a newsletter, it was a blog. In either format, I had hoped that it could’ve been more of a dialogue. That it wouldn’t be just me talking to the ether. Sometimes it feels that way :-)
I’ve yet to find a kind of dialogue about how photography influences our lives in ways that we often don’t think about or question. Perhaps there isn’t as much interest in this as a topic.
a door 2, New York City, 17 October 2021.
a door 2, New York City, 17 October 2021.
While social media has its good points And bad, it seems that one of the most prominent things that it’s at least in part responsible for, is the shift to a culture that is dominated by images at the expense of the written word.
Yes, we have also become an attention deficit culture. Work life dominates most of our waking hours. My guess is that we are all overworked. I’d like to think that we can be equally involved in the visual and the written forms of communication. Perhaps my age is showing.
While I will continue to write about my thoughts on photography, I am not able to keep to a regular writing schedule as my tours and workshops have been keeping me busy as has my art practice. 
the world passing by, New York City, 17 October 2021
the world passing by, New York City, 17 October 2021
Moving forward Curious Frame might be published on a sporadic basis as I am able to take the time to do the reading and writing which seem like a luxury now. It’s even possible that winter weather will slow down my business again.
I thank everyone for following me on this journey and I do have topics on the back burner that I will be writing about as time allows. This issue will be a bit of a recap to some of the earlier issues.
You can find all of the previous issues and you can even continue to comment them on as well. I also thank everyone for being part of the dialogue. 
aware of the cool air on your skin,14 October 2021
aware of the cool air on your skin,14 October 2021
As I wrote earlier, I see life in words and images. It’s not one or the other. Hence much of my writing has examined the etymology and etiology of words. That is to say the roots and origins of words.
Photography is a language. While the written word may need to be translated to understand, photography for the most part, doesn’t need translation.
So long as we have sight, we can view photos by choice or all of the images that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of the images that are constantly everywhere that we go, exist to sell us something.
autumn leaf, 20 October 2021
autumn leaf, 20 October 2021
The question is not what you look at, but what you see. Henry David Thoreau.
Vision is capable of posing problems. Yes, seeing is not always believing. We consume images quicker than we are able to fully grasp their meaning. We don’t need to acknowledge or to name the thing we see.
When you read a poem, it typically requires all of your attention. When it is done well, it will leave room for you to find yourself in between the words.
The same can be said of music. I am not a musician and I don’t think that I could ever be a musician. But I do have an ear for music. Sometimes a piece of music will sound so perfect that I think to myself that that’s what I would’ve written if I could.
Colorblind people often don't see red. But the shape of the sign is unique and is understood by them.
Colorblind people often don't see red. But the shape of the sign is unique and is understood by them.
We need to build stop signs into our lives. David Stendl-Rast.
So it’s important to stop and give photos the same kind of time to situate yourself in them. To be able to read them like a poem.
A photograph is like a poem when it’s done well. It will draw you in and maybe even inspire you to borrow from it. That’s called sampling in music.
I have written in the my Shoot New York City newsletter that I don’t like perfect photos. Perfect photos try to appeal to everyone. But appealing to everyone is not a good idea for success.
And as people we are not perfect. Why should we think that our photos should look better than we do? Why would we want to project an image of ourselves that erases what makes us unique?
Ugh, so I've gained a few pounds during the pandemic. But there's no airbrushing here. Thank you for the photos and a wonderful afternoon to Oscar in Mexico! There I am in front of my own photo exhibit!
Ugh, so I've gained a few pounds during the pandemic. But there's no airbrushing here. Thank you for the photos and a wonderful afternoon to Oscar in Mexico! There I am in front of my own photo exhibit!
I am currently working on the idea of observation for the next issue and I hope that it won’t be too long before I can have the next issue out. Thanks for following me on this journey!
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I love coffee and books too!
I love coffee and books too!
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In a world that is overpopulated with images, Curious Frame is where I share my thoughts on photography. It is always about ‘seeing with new eyes’.

I’m Leanne Staples, a photographer, artist, and writer living in New York City. Street photography and lens-based art are my passions, and Curious Frame is where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on these passions.

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